As promised, KalmarCraft will be a server filled with adventure, quests and immersive roleplay.

Our goal is to fully immerse the player into a fantasy-medieval universe filled with complex interactive NPC's offering quests, rewards and more.

Original storylines, based on original lore. A large-scale custom world with custom cities, custom dungeons, and much more.

You are the master of your destiny. Your choices will have different outcomes and consequences based on the path the player chooses. This will be done in a 'freedom-of-choice' way, meaning players will not feel restricted while playing.


  • Factions - Competitive PVP (PVE also possible)
  • Customizable Roleplaying System
  • Custom Minigames
  • Custom Dungeons
  • Custom Worlds
  • Custom Cities & Villages
  • Large-scale complex quests
  • Immersive storylines
  • Memorable and interesting interactive NPCs
  • Comprehensive Economy system (Shops, Auctions, Jobs, Banking, Gambling)
  • Achievements, Abilities, Magic Skills, Classes and more.

Market of KarksteadPort of Karkstead

A BETA will be released soon. Stay updated on this website,